Gripping/Friction Material

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Setex GeckoGrip® materials provide more than 240% grip improvement in slick conditions, especially for items in contact with skin. Key applications include eyewear, earbuds, socks, sports gloves, sports equipment and any moldable surface that touches skin.

A dramatic improvement in skin grip!

nanoGriptech’s® Setex GeckoGrip provides one of the best gripping/friction material solutions for product designers and manufacturing engineers who are looking for alternatives in wet and oily conditions. Currently available as a custom solution, Setex Gecko Grip is available in a wide range of materials and can be integrated with products through in-mold designs for injection molded parts.

Attributes and Benefits include:


Range of Materials Supported: As a geometric design that is imparted on a material, Setex GeckoGrip enables high friction capabilities on textiles, plastics (bulk or film), elastomers and more — even as an in-mold design.


Higher Friction Performance than other Dry Materials: Through Van der Waals forces across millions of microscopic fibers, Setex GeckoGrip provides more gripping and friction than other dry alternatives.


Customizable Performance: Setex GeckoGrip can be designed with varying grip or friction strengths to fit your application’s needs.


Dry/Residue-Free: Setex GeckoGrip is completely dry, providing amazing gripping or friction without the stickiness and residue of chemically treated pads.


Comfort: Setex GeckoGrip can be tailored to a variety of materials and forms, eliminating the abrasive feel of sandpaper pads and other rough materials.


Low Profile/Conformable: Setex GeckoGrip can be made film-thin and conform to a wide range of shapes.

The Science

Setex GeckoGrip is a high friction microfiber surface inspired by the microscopic hairs, or setae, of a gecko’s foot that can be incorporated into apparel or injection molded parts.

The material retains around 60%-70% of its original friction in wet and oily conditions. Competing materials, such as rubber, can lose 90% of their friction when exposed to wet/oily conditions.

Setex GeckoGrip is available in sheet form with a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) backing for incorporation onto textiles for sporting apparel applications.

The material can be incorporated onto molding tool's surface, so the resulting molded part is produced with high friction microfibers on the surface, directly integrated and made from the same material as the part.

nanoGriptech has demonstrated the ability to mold its high friction Setex GeckoGrip microfibers out of a wide range of polymer chemistries and hardness including TPU, TPO, Nylons, PC/ABS, TPE, SEBS and silicones.

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Setex GeckoGrip for Apparel