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Fasteners. Setex CF

Setex® CF Conformable Fastener is a low profile, low-weight, two-sided fastening system, that can be hermetically sealed—ideal for apparel, hermetic closures, upholstery, automotive seats, and packaging.

Unique, low profile, flexible fastener

nanoGriptech’s Setex provides a unique fastener solution for leading product designers who are frustrated with the limitations of hook and loop and mushroom connectors. Currently available as a custom solution, Setex-based fasteners join a dry adhesive tape or sheet to a smooth mating surface.

Attributes and Benefits include:


Conformal: Setex CF can conform to a wide range of shapes, including tough to manage concave forms.


Low Profile: Setex CF is film-thin, enabling new designs, creating precise fits, and removing precious weight and space required by other fasteners.


Customizable: Setex CF can be designed with varying shear and peel strengths to fit your application’s needs.


Residue-Free: Setex CF is completely dry, providing a strong, repeatable fastening solution without lint-attracting hooks (or mushrooms) or debris from broken hooks, loops, or mushrooms.


Silent: Setex CF fasteners go unnoticed, operating without the ripping and zipping sounds that can alert your prey and scare them away.


Hermetic: Setex CF provides a hermetic seal unlike zippers, hook and loop, or mushroom fasteners, blocking water and other liquids from ruining your stuff.

The Science

Setex® Conformal Fastener (CF) is a unique, conformable bonding system.   It is a two-part closure system, consisting of a mating surface component and a dry adhesive microfiber component.  Setex® CF is created on a thermoplastic polyurethane TPU film. The TPU can be bonded to a wide variety of substrates including textiles, plastics, natural products (paper, leather), and metals and is resistant against home washing and dry cleaning.

Product Profile Chart

Shear and Peel Strength

Closure Strength

Setex versus Hook and Loop

Microfiber Closures vs Hoop & Loop