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Setex Ultra-Thin Fastener™ is a low profile, low-weight, two-sided fastening system, that can be hermetically sealed—ideal for upholstery, automotive seats, packaging and hermetic closures.

Unique, low profile, flexible fastener

nanoGriptech’s® Setex Ultra-Thin Fastener provides a unique solution for leading product designers who are frustrated with the limitations of hook and loop and mushroom connectors. Currently available as a custom solution, Setex-based fasteners join a dry adhesive tape or sheet to a smooth mating surface.

Attributes and Benefits include:


Conformal: Setex Ultra-Thin Fastener can conform to a wide range of shapes, including tough to manage concave forms.


Low Profile: Setex Ultra-Thin Fastener is film-thin, enabling new designs, creating precise fits, and removing precious weight and space required by other fasteners.


Customizable: Setex Ultra-Thin Fastener can be designed with varying shear and peel strengths to fit your application’s needs.


Residue-Free: Setex Ultra-Thin Fastener is completely dry, providing a strong, repeatable fastening solution without lint-attracting hooks or mushrooms, or debris, from broken hooks, loops or mushrooms.


Silent: Setex Ultra-Thin Fasteners go unnoticed, operating without the ripping and zipping sounds that can alert your prey and scare them away.


Hermetic: Setex Ultra-Thin Fasteners provide a hermetic seal unlike zippers, hook and loop, or mushroom fasteners, blocking water and other liquids from ruining your stuff.

The Science

Setex® Ultra-Thin Fastener is a unique, conformable bonding system. This two-part closure system consists of a mating surface component and a dry adhesive microfiber component. Setex Ultra-Thin Fastener is created on a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film. The TPU film can be bonded to a wide variety of substrates including textiles, plastics, natural products (paper, leather) and metals, and is resistant to washing and dry cleaning.

Setex Ultra-Thin Fastener is a low profile, low-weight, two-sided fastening system that can be hermetically sealed.
This illustration shows how Setex Ultra-Thin Fastener can be used as a mating component.

Hook and Loop Comparison

This graph shows the closure strength of Setex Ultra-Thin Fastener in relation to various shear and peel strengths.

The Setex Hermetic Closure System

This graph shows the pressure gradient across a Setex closure over time.

Setex Ultra-Thin Fastener — Fabric Peel Demonstration

Setex Ultra-Thin Fastener — Leather on Foam Peel Demonstration