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Who Can Use Our Products?

You’re working out and your earbuds keep slipping, or your glasses are slipping down your nose. nanoGriptech’s XG extra gripping surface treatment provides a high gripping solution that increases the coefficient of friction by 250% in wet and oily conditions!

Product Applications


Setex® XG’s nose pads support mulit-directional traction with comfort.  No matter how sweaty you get, and which direction you move or bounce your glasses will stay perched in the same spot!  Setex XG nose pads can be rinsed and they will return to their pristine gripping condition!

The Technology

Elastomers which have been molded into nanoGriptech Setex structures demonstrate up to 3X the coefficients of friction on wet, sweaty, and oily skin. For such materials, the company developed and patented a method to produce injection molded (or other molding process) micropatterned tooling surfaces which enable our customers to  mass-produce molded parts with friction-enhancing Setex XG surfaces using the same materials, processes, and vendors that they know and love.

Elastomers which have been molded into nanoGriptech Setex™ structures

Earbuds, Fitness Bands, Game Controller Grips

Earbuds slip out, activity tracking bands can slide around creating issues for biometric sensors and cause skin irritation, and videogame controller grips become sweaty and slick, to name of few.

XG materials close up
Coefficient of Friction to Synthetic Skin

The Technology

nanoGriptech will treat the molding tool's surface so that the resulting molded part is produced with high friction microfibers on the surface, directly integrated and made out of the same material as the part. These microfiber molded parts, using customer plastics, gain a significant increase in the coefficient of friction, typically over 200% to skin in wet and oily conditions. nanoGriptech has demonstrated the ability to mold its high friction Setex XG microfibers out of a wide range of polymer chemistries and hardness including TPU, TPO, Nylons, PC/ABS, TPE, SEBS and silicones.