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Who Can Use Our Products?

Semiconductor manufacturers are searching for a material to use on equipment fixturing surfaces to handle silicon wafers. Current solutions are time consuming, resulting in a high scrap rate due to damaged parts and residue. By changing only the shape of the microstructures, the strength of Setex GeckoTapeTM can be finely tuned to the shear and peel strength that the part handling operation requires, enabling the picking and placing of even the most delicate parts without leaving residue for thousands of cycles.

Product Applications

CMP Polishing & Surfacing

Current adhesives leave residue resulting in killer defects on fabricated wafers and significant yield losses. This deficiency increases time required to replace pads, resulting in lower throughput in production. This manual cleaning process adds costs without adding value. Furthermore, such adhesives typically offer limited repeatability.

The Technology

Setex GeckoTape has fiber tips that are in contact with a release film. This film should be removed before evaluation of samples and be replaced when samples are not in use.

The strength of Setex GeckoTape depends on the number of microfiber tips in contact with the surface and amount of contact time. We recommend applying microfiber tips with firm pressure to achieve optimal surface contact.

ProductsDescriptionShear Strength
180°Peel Strength
90°Peel Strength
GT 910/ GT 110High strength dry adhesive microfiber30-401-20.6-0.8
GT 210Medium strength dry adhesive microfiber20-300.50.2-0.4
GT 310Low strength dry adhesive microfiber10NANA

5lb pre-load, 1 minute dwell time, retraction speed of 1mm/s, on stainless steel substrate.


Wafer Handling

Many manufacturing environments need gripping and friction materials that enable rapid parts movement, as well as handling and fixturing, and are also dry, residue-free and able to secure very smooth, tough-to-hold parts. Solutions are limited, especially for new material coatings that designers want to use.

A Wafer Handling Demonstration

In this demonstration, Setex GeckoTape Dry Adhesive enables a wafer wand to cleanly manipulate a semiconductor wafer.

Setex Dry Adhesive Cycle Chart