Safety & Defense

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Who Can Use Our Products?

nanoGriptech has had a longstanding and valued relationship with the Department of Defense. A wide range of applications in personal safety and biohazards exist nanoGriptech’s products.

Product Applications

Face Masks

Masks are a critical tool for first responders, miners, and public defense personnel, just to name a few. These safety and defense users need a mask that is tight and secure—a mask that grips their skin, without sticky adhesives or rough abrasives.

The Technology

Elastomers which have been molded into nanoGriptech Setex® structures demonstrate up to 3X the coefficients of friction on wet, sweaty, and oily skin. For such materials, the company developed and patented a method to produce injection molded (or other molding process) micropatterned tooling surfaces which enable our customers to  mass-produce molded parts with friction-enhancing Setex® XG surfaces using the same materials, processes, and vendors that they know and love.

Setex XG is a high friction microfiber surface inspired by the microscopic hairs, or setae, of a gecko’s foot that can be incorporated into injection molded parts.

nanoGriptech will treat the molding tool's surface so that the resulting molded part is produced with high friction microfibers on the surface, directly integrated and made out of the same material as the part. These microfiber molded parts, using customer plastics, gain a significant increase in the coefficient of friction, typically over 200% to skin in slick conditions.

Setex Close Up
Coefficient of Friction to Synthetic Skin

Hermetic & Silent Fasteners

Safety and defense personnel sometimes need to protect their gear from the elements and therefore need fasteners that provide a hermetic seal. In some cases, they also need a solution that is ultra–quiet as the fastener is opened or closed. Zippers, hook and loop, and mushroom solutions do not meet these requirements.

Microfiber Closures vs Hoop & Loop

Strength Data

Closure Strength

The Technology

Setex® Conformal Fastener (CF) is a unique, conformable bonding system. It is a two-part closure system, consisting of a mating surface component and a dry adhesive microfiber component. Setex® CF is created on a thermoplastic polyurethane TPU film. The TPU can be bonded to a wide variety of substrates including textiles, plastics, natural products (paper, leather), and metals, and is resistant against home washing and dry cleaning.