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Who Can Use Our Products?

nanoGriptech’s® dry adhesive technology can be applied to a wide range of applications to mount objects to smooth surfaces, maintaining the option to reapply the adhesive in different locations.

Product Applications

Shelving & Store Displays

Shelving and display solutions that require a reusable, residue free, movable platform are ideal applications for Setex GeckoTape®.

The Technology

Setex GeckoTape features fiber tips affixed to a release film. The strength of the dry adhesive is dependent on the number of microfiber tips in contact with the surface, as well as the contact time. Using foam with pressure sensitive adhesive on the backside provides a range of mounting options using nanoGriptech dry adhesives.

ProductsDescriptionShear Strength
180°Peel Strength
90°Peel Strength
GT 910/ GT 110High strength dry adhesive microfiber30-401-20.6-0.8
GT 210Medium strength dry adhesive microfiber20-300.50.2-0.4
GT 310Low strength dry adhesive microfiber10NANA

5lb pre-load, 1 minute dwell time, retraction speed of 1mm/s, on stainless steel substrate.


Anti-Slip Pads

Current gripping and friction solutions do not work for all materials, designs or products because such solutions can be too sticky, too rough or otherwise inadequate. Other applications include speaker and home assistant device mounting and mounting of X-ray imaging plates.