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Who Can Use Our Products?

nanoGriptech’s dry adhesive technology can be applied to for a wide range of applications to mount objects to a smooth surface, maintaining the option to reapply in different locations.

Product Applications

Credit Card Terminals

A medium strength lightly tacky adhesive on foam allows these credit card terminals to be re-positioned on the counter top or desk without leaving sticky residue or foam tape. Current solutions included permanently bolting the device down, high-tack adhesives that are are not reusable and leave residue, or high friction pads that frequently slide around as the user inserts their payment card.

The Technology

Setex® DA is supplied with fiber tips in contact with a release film. The strength of the dry adhesive is dependent on the number of microfiber tips in contact with the surface and the contact time. Using a foam with pressure sensitive adhesive on the backside provides a range of mounting options.

Product Comparisons
5lb pre-load, 1 minute dwell time, retraction speed of 1mm/s, on stainless steel substrate.
Product Profile Chart

Anti-Slip Pads

Current gripping and friction solutions do not work for all materials, designs, or products. They can be too sticky or too rough; etc. The list goes on. Other applications are speaker and home assistant device mounting, mounting of X-ray imaging plates, and others.