Glass & Parts Handling

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Who Can Use Our Products?

Handling delicate parts such as precision glass and lenses? Current solutions have time consuming process change over, cause a high scrap rate through damage to the parts and leave residue.

Product Applications


By changing only the shape of the microstructures, the strength of Setex® DA can be finely tuned to the shear and peel strength that the part handling operation requires, enabling the picking and placing of even the most delicate parts without leaving residue for thousands of cycles.

The Technology

Setex DA is supplied with fiber tips in contact with a release film. This film should be removed before evaluation of the samples and replaced when samples are not in use. The strength of the dry adhesive is dependent on the number of microfiber tips in contact with the surface and the contact time. We recommend applying with firm pressure to achieve good surface contact.

Product Comparisons
5lb pre-load, 1 minute dwell time, retraction speed of 1mm/s, on stainless steel substrate.