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Who Can Use Our Products?

English style equestrian riders need to grip the saddle—whether it has been freshly oiled or not. nanoGriptech’s unique high friction material for apparel has received rave reviews in the equestrian market.

Product Applications

High Friction Knee Patch

  • The nanoGripTech knee patch design is specially modeled after geckos, where the tighter the rider presses, the harder it will grip.
  • Retains up to 60-70% of original friction in wet and oily conditions.
  • Competing materials can lose 90% of their friction when exposed to slick conditions.

The Technology

Provided in sheet form with a thermoplastic polyurethane backing for incorporation onto textiles. Setex® XG is supplied with the microfiber tips in contact with a clear, polyester release liner. After heat bonding TPU onto a surface, remove the release liner.

Setex XG Comparisons
Coefficient of Friction to Leather