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What is the next revolution in fastening clothing after the button, the zipper and hook and loop fasteners? nanoGriptech’s CF conformable fastner introduces a revolutionary fastener that is paper thin, creates a hermetic seal and is as strong as its predecessors!

Product Applications

Outdoor Apparel

Get that smooth, tight fitting look in in your ski gear, outdoor apparel, swim wear and camping gear! Setex® CF is a conformable fastener that is revolutionary -- It is as strong as hook and loop fasteners, but is film-thin and flexible, and can be hermetically sealed.

The Technology

Setex Conformal Fastener (CF) is a unique, conformable bonding system. It is a two-part closure system, consisting of a mating surface component and a dry adhesive microfiber component. Setex CF is created on a thermoplastic polyurethane TPU film. The TPU can be bonded to a wide variety of substrates including textiles, plastics, natural products (paper, leather), and metals, and is resistant against home washing and dry cleaning.

Product Profile Chart
Microfiber Closures vs Hoop & Loop

Strength Data

Closure Strength

Hazmat & Surgical Suits

A high pressure resistant, flexible, hermetic closure system is required to protect against hazardous gas exposure. These include seals on collective protection systems, inflatable shelters, vestibule attachments, body bags, chemical/biological protective apparel, or systems for transportation of sick individuals. Conventional fastening options for such applications generally consist of zippers, hook and loop closures, or zip-track systems.