Intriguing videos. Stretch your mind—and smile.

Anyone who has seen us introduce our products and technology is entertained by a wide range of show and tell applications and use cases. We find that is the fastest way to the “ah-ha moment”. Then, customers begin to think of all the incredible new product designs and manufacturing challenges they can address. Their creativity and the range of opportunities leads to excitement. Our customers realize why we are passionate about Setex™ and dry adhesives—and become passionate themselves. Take a look at the following technology demonstrations to see the stunning power and capabilities of Setex™.

This video shows the amazing way dry adhesives can enable a robot to turn the pages of a book. Setex™ can do a lot more, providing repetitive, glue-free adhesion capability, without residue or tackiness.

Yes, machines can handle fragile items—when they use dry adhesives. Setex™ can be designed to handle precious objects and more, with the ability for conformal, low-profile contact.