Leverage Geckos’ heroic capabilities. Design different. Solve tough production problems.

gecko-inspired, dry adhesive solutions and products

nanoGriptech’s Setex™ is a dry adhesive technology that provides the world’s-first commercial connection and friction solutions. Setex™ enables cutting edge product designs and solves product manufacturing problems where current adhesives, gripping material and fasteners are limited. Setex™ enables visionary product designers, product engineers of leading B2B and B2C firms to implement creative, first-to-market designs that can drive top-line revenues. It also enables product and manufacturing engineers to solve tough, costly manufacturing problems, thereby reducing manufacturing costs and improving the bottom line. In the end, Setex™ offers a new way to connect, grip, and fasten so that product experts can get the job done.

microscopic view of Setex

The power of Setex™ comes from its advanced, nano-level, geometric design, inspired by the setae (microscopic hairs) of a gecko’s feet. Setex™, like gecko’s feet, is made up of millions of microscopic structures which form molecular-level bonds with a mating surface. When multiplied across millions of fibers, Setex™ forms a very strong, dry, residue-free, and repeatable connection solution. Unlike adhesives which create chemical bonds and are sticky or permanent, and unlike vacuum or suction cup approaches that are costly or temporary, Setex™ is a dry solution that lasts, yet provides repeatable performance.

Since the geometric design can be implemented in a variety of materials and mated to a variety of surface types, Setex™ can cut across multiple, current product categories, from adhesives and gripping material to fasteners. Its attributes and benefits vary, based on product configuration. Since it works the microscopic level, it creates very low profile, conformable connections which can be hermetic. Further, since Setex™ is based on a geometric design, the shape of the fibers can be customized to change the strength and direction of both shear and peel forces.

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