Best gripping material—especially to skin

Sample Applications

nanoGriptech’s Setex™ provides one of the best gripping / friction material solutions for leading product designers and manufacturing engineers who are frustrated with the limitations of rough-textured and soft-tacky alternatives. Currently available as a custom solution, Setex™-based gripping and friction material solutions are provided across a wide range of materials – and can even be integrated directly into the target product via in-mold designs for injection molded parts.

Attributes and benefits include:

Range of Materials Supported: As a geometric design that is imparted on a material, Setex™-xG enables high friction capabilities on textiles, plastics (bulk or film), elastomers, etc.—even as an in-mold design.

Higher Friction Performance than other Dry Materials: Through Van der Waals forces across millions of microscopic fibers, Setex™-xG provides more gripping and friction than other dry alternatives.

Customizable Performance: Setex™-xG can be designed with varying grip or friction strengths to fit your application’s needs.

Dry / Residue-Free: Setex™-xG is completely dry, providing amazing gripping or friction without the stickiness and residue of chemically treated pads.

Comfort: Setex™-xG can be tailored to a variety of materials and forms, eliminating the abrasive feel of sandpaper pads and the like.

Low Profile / Conformable: Setex™-xG can be film-thin and conform to a wide range of shapes.