Unique fastener solutions

Sample Applications

nanoGriptech’s Setex™ provides a unique fastener solution for leading product designers who are frustrated with the limitations of hook and loop and mushroom connectors. Currently available as a custom solution, Setex™-based fasteners join a dry adhesive tape or sheet to a smooth mating surface.

Attributes and benefits include:

Conformal: Setex™-cF can conform to a wide range of shapes, including tough to manage concave forms.

Low Profile: Setex™-cF is film-thin, enabling new designs, creating precise fits, and removing precious weight and space required by other fasteners.

Customizable: Setex™-cF can be designed with varying shear and peel strengths to fit your application’s needs.

Residue-Free: Setex™-cF is completely dry, providing a strong, repeatable fastening solution without lint-attracting hooks (or mushrooms) or debris from broken hooks, loops, or mushrooms.

Silent: Setex™-cF fasteners go unnoticed, operating without the ripping and zipping sounds that can alert your prey and scare them away.

Hermetic: Setex™-cF provides a hermetic seal unlike zippers, hook and loop, or mushroom fasteners, blocking water and other liquids from ruining your stuff.