World's first commercial dry adhesive

Sample Applications

nanoGriptech’s Setex™ is the world’s first commercial implementation of dry adhesive technology—enabling a pressure-sensitive adhesive approach, but one that is dry, repeatable, and residue-free. Setex™ dry adhesive solutions are for leading product designers and manufacturing engineers who are frustrated with the limitations of current non-repeatable, tacky and residue-prone alternatives. Currently available as a custom solution, Setex™ dry adhesive solutions are provided across a wide range of materials.

Attributes and benefits include:

Repeatability: Setex™-dA provides repeatable adhesive performance, unlike PSAs that lose their strength over time.

Residue-free: Setex™-dA does not leave any sticky adhesive residues when it is removed from a surface.

Dry / Glue-free / Non-tacky: Setex™-dA is completely dry, providing amazing adhesion without sticky chemical bonds or lint-attracting hooks (or mushrooms).

Customizable Performance: Setex™-dA can be designed with varying shear and peel strengths to fit your application’s needs.