Improve Grip. Improve Fit. Improve Performance.

Here are just some of the sports applications nanoGriptech’s Setex™ can address:

Apparel Friction Pads

Friction Pads

Problem: In some sports, such as equestrian competitions, bobsledding, biking, etc., to win the event, it is imperative to increase friction or gripping between two items—typically apparel to equipment. Few solutions are available that provide a dry, high performance solution.

Solution: Setex™ Gripping and Friction Material provides one of the highest gripping, dry solutions on the market, giving athletes a competitive edge.

Friction-Enhancement to Skin

Problem: Sports equipment, uniforms, clothing and other sports equipment that comes in contact with skin often slip, become contaminated or use materials that smell over time. Such materials do not work well with concave surfaces or in situations that need low profile, non-tacky gripping.

Solution: nanoGriptech’s Setex™ Gripping Material provides the best friction-enhancement to skin and is ideal for sports apparel and equipment that needs a tighter connection to the skin to minimize slippage.

Friction Enhancement to Skin

High Grip Gloves

High Grip Gloves

Problem: Golfers, soccer goalies, football players, etc. are always looking for a competitive edge—especially when it comes to ways to control the ball. Sticky adhesive gloves are typically not allowed. Current dry friction or gripping materials are often limited in flexibility, profile or comfort.

Solution: Setex™ Gripping and Friction Materials provide a new, dry gripping solution for sports gloves, improving ball control—and the opportunity to win!