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Here are just some of the safety and defense applications nanoGriptech’s Setex™ can address:

Face Masks

Face Masks

Problem: Masks are a critical tool for first responders, miners, and public defense personnel, to name just a few. These safety and defense users need a mask that is tight and secure—a mask that grips their skin, without sticky adhesives or rough abrasives.

Solution: Setex™ Gripping and Friction Materials provide the best friction-enhancement to materials that touch skin. Increasing friction on masks make them feel tighter, more secure.

Firearm Grip

Problem: Gun users need a secure, comfortable grip so they can properly control their weapon and minimize slippage or drops. Many friction-enhancing materials today are like sandpaper, making hands raw and sore over time.

Solution: Setex™ Gripping and Friction Materials provide the best friction-enhancement to gun grips across a wide range of comfortable materials, increasing friction and comfort—and therefore control—vs. alternative materials.

firearm grip

Hermetic and Silent Fasteners

Hermetic Fasteners

Problem: Safety and defense personnel sometimes need to protect their gear from the elements and therefore need fasteners that provide a hermetic seal. In some cases, they also need a solution that is ultra–quiet as the fastener is opened or closed. Zippers, hook and loop, and mushroom solutions do not meet these requirements.

Solution: Setex™ Fasteners provide repeatable fastening solutions that are hermetic and ultra-quiet, so gear stays dry and personnel go undetected.

Protective Helmets

Problem: Hard hats and safety helmets can be tough to keep on when one is moving about a construction or emergency site. With hands-busy, eyes-busy workers, the last thing they need to worry about is a loose helmet.

Solution: Setex™ Gripping and Friction Material is an ideal solution for securing safety helmets to the head. A small strip along the forehead increases the gripping force of the helmet, minimizing slipping and tilting.