Adhere Repeatedly. Grip Better. Fasten Conformally.

nanoGriptech’s Setex™ can address so many product design and manufacturing challenges, it is hard to list them all. If you do not see your application or industry in the previous pages or in the list below, contact us — there may be a fit.

Anti-Slip Pads and Tape

Anti-Slip Pads

Problem: Current gripping and friction solutions do not work for certain materials, designs, or products—they are too sticky; they are too rough; etc. The list goes on.

Solution: Setex™ Gripping and Friction Material enables new designs and materials that need anti-slip pads, tape or sheets—especially those that require skin contact.

Art Display and Transport

Problem: Fine arts that are mounted for display or are packaged for transport need dry mounts and fasteners so that no residue damages the art or precious artifact.

Solution: Setex™ Dry Adhesives and Setex™ Fasteners provide a clean, residue-free mounting solution to smooth, dry surfaces.

Art Display



Problem: Cannot mount items to glass or mirror without tacky adhesives that leave residue or without hardware mounts that have to be drilled, risking breakage.

Solution: Setex™ Dry Adhesives enable consumers to mount photos, shelves, decorations, and the like to mirrors and glass—easily, repeatedly, with strength.


Problem: Consumers want premium packages that open and close repeatedly, without sticky adhesives, or cardboard flaps that can rip and break.

Solution: Setex™ Fasteners provide a unique, dry, repeatable fastening solution that aligns with your premium product.


Tool Grips

Tool Grips

Problem: Its tough to get a job done when your tools are slipping and twisting in your hand. You need a comfortable grip that holds, without stickiness.

Solution: Setex™ Gripping and Friction Material can be applied to tool handles or provided as an in-mold design, to provide the highest friction or grip to skin of any dry material.