Improve Grip-to-Skin. Increase Medical Quality. Develop New Products.

Here are just some of the medical and health care applications nanoGriptech’s Setex™ can address:

Friction-Enhancement to Skin

Friction Enhancement

Problem: Current gripping material used on orthotics, braces, prosthetics, face masks and other medical equipment that comes in contact with skin often slip, become contaminated or use materials that smell over time. Such materials do not work well with concave surfaces or in situations that need low profile, non-tacky gripping.

Solution: nanoGriptech’s Setex™ Gripping and Friction Material provides the best friction-enhancement to skin and is ideal for medical equipment that needs to be secured to skin.

Surgical Tool Grip

Problem: Surgeons never want anyone on their team to lose control of medical instruments. The challenge is finding surgical tools that improve grip, without tacky contaminants or adding profile that decreases touch-sensitivity.

Solution: Setex™ Gripping solutions enable surgical tool providers to create sterile tool grips that improve gripping performance, without residue or bulkiness.

Surgical Tool Grips