Reduce Contaminants. Improve Quality. Reduce Costs.

Here are just some of the clean room applications Setex™ can address:



Problem: Clean rooms need strong, repeatable fasteners. Hook and loop fasteners can contaminate their environment as the hooks or loops weaken over time and break off.

Solution: Setex™ Fasteners provide a dry, repeatable, residue-free fastening solution for clean room needs.


Problem: Some clean rooms have operations that require masking of components and surfaces when other materials are introduced to a material chamber. Many current masking tapes or sheets can leave behind residue or contaminants.

Solution: Setex™ Dry Adhesives provide residue-free masking of clean room components. As a dry, repeatable solution, masking costs can be reduced if masks are reused.


Parts Fixture, Handling, Transfer, and Transportation

Parts Fixturing

Problem: Clean room production environments need gripping and friction materials that not only enable parts movement, handling and fixturing, but also are dry and residue-free. Solutions are limited.

Solution: Setex™ Gripping and Friction Materials, as well as Setex™ Dry Adhesives provide a dry, residue-free gripping or friction solution that is tunable to your environment.